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Head Guards

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Head guards are essential for boxing sparring and sometimes also used for Muay Thai and MMA. There are various styles available and there is no right or wrong answer on which is best, coming down mostly to personal preference. The difference between each style is…

Open face – Perfect if you’re looking for something with maximum visibility and to replicate the style of head guard worn in amateur boxing (where applicable)

Cheek protector – The same level of padding as an open face head guard with extra padded areas for protection over the cheeks helping stop bruising and black eyes. This is the most popular option we sell to beginners and also top amateur & pro boxers

Full/closed face – Instead of a Velcro chin strap the full face head guards have a fixed padded area protecting the chin. Perfect if you’d prefer more protection especially from uppercuts

Face bar – If you’re looking for maximum protection this is the perfect choice, whilst these head guards offer the least visibility they offer maximum protection with a bar over the front of your face. This protects the eyes, nose, cheeks and head. Ideal if you’re not far away from a fight and looking to limit the damage taken in sparring.