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Empire Pro Tape – 1.25cm Box of 24

  • Get the best value with this box of 24X rolls
  • 1.25cm width X 30m length
  • The ultimate in hand tape
  • Perfect for fight night or training
  • Used to secure the knuckle guard in place
  • Also great for BJJ

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£50.16 inc. VAT

Get the best value with this box Empire Pro Tape in 1.25cm. When you’re looking for the ultimate in hand tape we always recommend Empire Pro Tape. this 1.25cm (30m length) is great for going between the fingers to secure the knuckle pad. It’s also a popular option for grapplers in BJJ helping provide more support and protection. the easy tear edge means it’s very easy for a coach or cutman to work with. The controlled unwind helps delivery the perfect wrap every time. When you want the best tape, go for Empire Pro Tape. Also available in individual rolls, this is a box of 24X rolls for the best value.

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