Focus Pads

Fly Air Mitts

Luxury, premium boxing pads
Made from high end quality leather
Ball grip inside
Covered fingers tips section
Padded wrist support
Small size
Thick in width for extra support
Air pocket inside
Amazing quality pads

£290.00 inc. VAT

Out of Stock

When you’re looking for a premium, high end set of boxing focus pads look no further than these stunning Fly Air Mitts. Hand made from a premium luxury leather, this Fly Air Mitts are perfect for any coach doing countless rounds. they are small in size, great for working speed but thick to absorb the impact of punches. The air pocket inside the pads distributes the shock minimising the impact on your hands. The hand compartment is snug & along with the ball grip inside it gives you a good grip of the pads. Sometimes wrist impact can be a real problem when holding pads if the boxers punches off centre; these Fly pads have a nice raised padded area at the wrist to offer ultimate support. These Fly Air Mitts are real high end and premium quality. Perfect is you’re looking for the best!

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