Strike Shield

Venum Absolute Square Kick Shield

  • Premium quality Muay Thai Low Kick Pad
  • Made from high quality Skintex leather
  • Triple density foam for ultimate protection
  • Thick & quality handles at both ends
  • Stunning Venum branding
  • Riveted handles and secure zip closure
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£119.99 inc. VAT

Venum Absolute Square Kick Shield is the ultimate choice for Muay Thai coaches seeking a premium quality training tool. Sometimes known as a ‘suitcase pad’ this Venum pad is perfect for hard training sessions.

At the core of the Venum Absolute Square Kick Shield lies its superior skintex leather construction. Offering a perfect balance of flexibility and resilience. therefore ensuring it can withstand the repeated impact of powerful kicks. The skintex leather also adds a touch of class to the shield’s appearance. Which makes it a stylish addition to any training environment.

Inside this Venum Low Kick Pad you’ll find compressed foam. This padding technology effectively absorbs and disperses the impact force, reducing the risk of injuries during intense training sessions. With this shield, coaches can confidently hold their ground while their athletes unleash powerful low kicks.

The triple density foam further enhances the shield’s protective capabilities. Strategically placed layers of foam provide optimal resistance and cushioning, offering maximum impact dispersion. This design not only ensures the safety of both trainer and athlete but also promotes proper technique. This is development by allowing precise feedback on the accuracy and power of the kicks.

There are two secure handles on this Venum Low Kick Pad. They’re riveted on either end of the shield, provide a comfortable and firm grip for the trainer. Therefore allowing for precise control and stability during training. The riveting ensures that the handles remain in place even under intense usage, providing coaches with confidence in the shield’s reliability and longevity.

With its combination of premium skintex leather, compressed foam, triple density foam, and sturdy handles, the Venum Absolute Square Kick Shield is an essential tool for Muay Thai coaches looking to elevate their training sessions. This high quality shield not only provides excellent protection and shock absorption but also aids in technique refinement and skill development. Invest in the Venum Absolute Square Kick Shield and experience the ultimate training companion. This will help you and your athletes reach new heights in your Muay Thai journey.

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