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Winning Air Mitts Special Edition CM-50

  • Authentic Winning Air Mitts
  • Elite level boxing pads
  • Incredible protection
  • Very lightweight at only around 320g
  • Handmade in Japan in small quantities
  • Unique special edition black/red colourway
  • Covered fingertip compartment on rear
  • Made from premium artificial leather
  • Size – 25.5cm X 21cm X 7.5cm

£699.99 inc. VAT

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Winning CM-50 Air Mitts Special Edition – widely considered the best boxing pads in the world! The highly sought-after Winning CM-50 Air Mitts are now here in this striking black/red colourway. Regarded as the epitome of perfection in the world of boxing pads, these limited edition mitts are a rare gem that sets the standard for excellence.

Handmade in Japan from the finest quality material and unrivalled expertise. Weighing in super light at just around the 320g mark, these pads allow for lightning-fast movements and power shots allowing you to work on a variety of strikes.

When it comes to safeguarding your hands, nothing compares to the extraordinary protection offered by the Winning CM-50 Air Mitts. These pads deliver an impregnable shield against the impact of every blow. Help say goodbye to hand fatigue and injuries, as these mitts prioritize your safety and well-being without compromising performance.

Durability is a defining characteristic of the Winning CM-50 Air Mitts Special Edition. In addition Winning have been making boxing equipment for over 90 years and make their boxing equipment the traditional way. Above all this ensures quality & durability, making these mitts a long-term investment in your boxing journey.

The Winning CM-50 Air Mitts pay special attention to the padman’s comfort and protection. Therefore the inclusion of a covered fingertip compartment on the back offers an additional layer of defence, safeguarding against accidental impacts and providing peace of mind during intense training sessions.
Used by many of the world best boxing coaches, and for very good reason.

In conclusion the Winning CM-50 Air Mitts have been well known for decades in their ability to withstand heavy shots from the world’s best boxers. Add into that the stunning minimal looks, lightweight design & comfortable hand compartment. You can see why these boxing pads are so popular. Order your limited edition pair today at Seconds Out!

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