Standard Hand Wraps

Winning Gel Knuckle Guards NG-2

Excellent to increase the protection for your hands
Used for Boxing, Muay Thai or Kickboxing
Worn with any standard hand wraps
Simple and easy to get on and off
Gel shock absorbing padding

£34.99 inc. VAT

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The Winning Gel Knuckle Guards are the perfect accessory to maximise protection for your hands. They are sold as a pair and can be used alongside any standard hand wraps. Simply slip on each gel shock absorbing pad and wrap your hands as normal. They are perfect for any stand up combat sports including Boxing, Muay Thai & kickboxing. if you’re suffering from sore hands, or just want some extra protection these Winning NG-2 Knuckle Guards are absolutely perfect and really make a massive difference. Durable, hard wearing and can be reused over and over they are quick and easy to use.

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